Boston to host conference on contributions of Hindus to America


WASHINGTON: A first-of-its-kind conference to explore and chronicle the contributions of Hindus in the US would be held in Boston from November 1, its organisers announced on Sunday.

The three-day conference ‘Threads 2019: Share, Appreciate and Engage – To Shape a Collective Future’ would be attended by eminent Indian-Americans from various fields, said members of World Hindu Council of America, a non-profit body organising the conference.

The Hindu council had organised the World Hindu Congress in Chicago in 2018.

“The purpose of the event is two-fold: exploring and chronicling the contributions of Hindus to America and, paying tribute to the largesse of America and its warm embrace of Hindus,” a media release said.

The panel for the session ‘The Emergence of Hindu Americans in The Public Square’ will include State Representative Niraj Atani from Ohio and State Representative Padma Kuppa from Michigan.

State Representative Niraj Atani from Ohio and State Representative Padma Kuppa from Michigan will be among the elected officials to participate in the discussion ‘The Emergence of Hindu Americans in The Public Square’.

“While there is a broad sense of the success of Indians in the US, the conference aims at holding a periscope to more closely document what that means,” the release added.

Former Barack Obama administration official Nishith Acharya and Megha Desai of the Desai Foundation will talk about how the ‘strategy of giving’ can be crafted, so there is optimal end use of funds as well as personal fulfillment.

The session on ‘Exploring Opportunities in the US-India Relationship,’ would be moderated by Mukesh Aghi, president and CEO of the high-profile US India Strategic Partnership Forum.

Participants at this panel will look at opportunities in the India–US commercial relationship as well as the impact of this relationship on the global economy.

Jit Saxena, a leading figure in the data and analytical industry, and Ram Sudireddy, an entrepreneur, along with others, will discuss what it takes to, “think outside the box,” in a panel that will focus on, ‘Innovation – Thinking Non-Linearly.’

Eminent Professor at Oklahoma State University Subhash Kak expects the spiritual tradition in India to be of interest not only to Indian-Americans but to other ethnicities too.

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