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Are you addicted to singlehood? These signs would help you understand


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Are you addicted to singlehood? These signs would help you understand | The Times of India<br />

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01/6Are you enjoying your singlehood?

Naina is the perfect example of a nerd, a person whose life is dictated by her studies. Kabir, or Bunny as his friend calls him, is exactly her opposite, a guy who lives his life to the fullest. When they meet, Naina falls in love with him and Bunny, the eternal flirt, just encourages her making no promises. Later, Bunny continues his journey of being the Casanova that he is, while Naina learns to move on until their paths cross again. Sounds like a much familiar plot, eh? Well, this is the plot of the very popular Hindi movie, “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani”. Many love stories have a Naina or a Bunny, but this article is not about the girl who falls in love head over heels. We want to guide all the Bunnys or the people who are addicted to singlehood but don’t have an idea about this trait. Look out for these signs and if you have most of these traits, then you are not someone who wants to be in a relationship. Whether you want to change that status or not, it’s entirely your call.


02/6You never give up any opportunity to flirt

While a serious relationship is not your thing, but flirting is something you are good at. If you find someone falling in love with you, your first reaction would be of a very approachable person, thereby encouraging the one attracted to you to delve deep into emotions. You are a Casanova or the eternal seductress, who enjoys when someone falls in love with you but you never reciprocate.


03/6Engaged? Who cares

If you want to attract someone’s attention, you don’t care if he or she is interested in you or not. And the more difficult the target is, the greater your interest in him or her is aroused. If someone tells you that the person is engaged or married, your first thought is, “Engaged? Who cares!” This is because with such people you know you are not bound to be together, so it gets much easier for you to be with them.


04/6You cringe at emotions

You can be the funny guy or the adventurous one in the group. But one thing that you are not is empathetic to other’s emotions. Whenever someone talks about falling in love and how beautiful it is to have a life partner, you would make sure to keep your distance from such people. Not only that, you aren’t good at handling emotions.


05/6Your work is your life

There is one thing that you value more than your personal life and it’s your work or work-life. You are that employee who never hesitates to spend extra hours in office and if you have to work late, you never complain about it. Your motto in life is, ‘work is worship’. And if someone asks you why you are still single, you are ready with your response, “I am not single. I am married to my work.” Smart!


06/6There is only one person you love…yourself

It would be an understatement to call you a narcissist. You not only believe you are the best but admire everything about yourself. Perhaps, you believe no one is good enough to be with you. If you have all these traits, congratulations, you just passed the eternal bachelor or spinster test with flying colours.

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