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These 4 zodiac signs are the most honest! Are you on the list?


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These 4 zodiac signs are the most honest! Are you on the list? | The Times of India<br />

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01/6Are you on the list?

Who doesn’t love an honest person? After all, isn’t it extremely refreshing to have someone who tells it as it is? There is no messy web of lies or manipulative framing of statements. However, when you are in the company of an authentic person, you will realise that it isn’t easy knowing the truth all the time. Honesty, like every other virtue, is a double-edged sword and people want the truth, only if it aligns with their beliefs and views.


02/6​Ranking: The most honest zodiac signs

It is important to understand that being honest about your feelings isn’t exactly an easy thing to do. We live in a world where sugar-coated lies are appreciated more than controversial truths and nobody wishes to be caught in a “foot-in-mouth” moment. We list down the four most authentic and honest zodiac signs who get straight to the point. For better or for worse, these zodiac signs do not have a filter and are brave enough to take the risk of being real. These zodiac signs have been ranked on the basis of their brutal honesty.



Expect nothing but the truth when it comes to the straight-forward Sagittarius. When they know the truth, there is no beating around the brush and no sugar-coating. They will spill the beans, irrespective of the outcome as keeping things inside them isn’t exactly their strongest trait. They are the truth-tellers of the zodiac lot and will not mince their words when it comes to expressing their feelings. Moreover, Sagittarians do not shy away from expressing their opinion even if everyone around them has a different perspective altogether. Don’t expect them to play along to protect your feelings as they believe truth is empowering.



Aries are brutally honest of the lot–sometimes even at the expense of hurting the feelings of those around them. Moreover, they don’T really have a problem getting into fights over something that they believe is rational, logical and truthful. Their impulsive nature and no-filter attitude often land them into more trouble than it is worth. As a result, no matter how sensitive a situation is, trust Aries to take a painfully honest approach, which is sure to land them into trouble sometimes.



The drama queens (and kings) of the horoscope are so certain and confident about their opinions that they do not feel the need to lie. While they may not drop unsolicited truth bombs, they will certainly not mince their words, when asked for a piece of advice. Part of their truthful persona stems from the fact that they want people to like them for what they are, without any masks or inhibitions. Moreover, being the born leader, you believe lying is absolutely unnecessary as it dents the image of a truthful leader and shatters the trust of the people. You want people to like you and lying certainly comes in the way of the same



When it comes to honesty, nobody has mastered the art of balance like the Virgo. They know how to assess a situation and understand it really well whether a person wants the good, old truth or a little white lie. Virgos aren’t exactly comfortable with confrontations and cannot stand hurting the people they love. Since a Virgo is his own worst critic, he understands the impact a harsh truth may have on some. This is why even, even if they are one of the most critical signs of the zodiac, they take the middle ground when it comes to honesty.


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