Micro review: ‘The Museum of Desire’ by Jonathan Kellerman


‘The Museum of Desire’ is the 35th part of the Alex Delaware series and the story starts with a cleaner finding a limo with 4 bodies inside. One of the dead is the driver, another a grown man with mental issues who lived in a care home, a homeless woman and an attorney who worked for a respectable company. Police Lieutenant Milo Sturgis is on the case and trying to find some connection amongst the clients. He calls Alex for help and both set about solving the murders.

The book reads more like a police procedural than a thriller,though the story is interesting enough to keep you hooked. The book offers many insights on homelessness and psychological issues as Milo and Alex look into the victims’ lives. It’s a must-read for the fans of the series. Those unfamiliar with the series won’t have any trouble starting with this book, though they might glean spoilers to the previous books.

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