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Revealed! Deepika Padukone’s favourite snack shops


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Revealed! Deepika Padukone’s favourite snack shops | The Times of India<br />

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01/5What is Deepika Padukone’s favourite snack?

Deepika Padukone’s wedding menu confirmed her love for South Indian delicacies. And in her recent tweet to her husband, Ranveer Singh, it has been revealed that Deepika is a fan of Mysore Pak and Potato Chips as well. In her tweet she asked Ranveer to bring Mysore Pak and Potato Chips from two different shops. Let us tell you more about her love for these two delicacies. (Image: Instagram/kolkatasutrafood)


02/5Deepika’s tweet

In her tweet, Deepika Padukone mentioned, “Don’t comeback without 1 kg Mysore Pak from ShreeKrishnaand 2 ½ kg packets for Spicy Potato Chips from Hot Chips!


03/5Sri Krishna Sweets and iconic Mysore Pak

If food historians are to be believed, Mysore Pak was invented in Mysore in Karnataka and is porous and hard on the outside. In the early 1970s, N. K. Mahadeva Iyer from Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu decided to give this sweet a twist and after trying out 100 different versions the perfect version came out, that is till date celebrated by the people. According to regular visitors, it is a seamless combination of pure ghee, gram flour, sugar syrup and a tinge of turmeric for colour. They have more than 60 retail outlets across India including Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. Apart from sweets they also provide snacks. If reports are to be believed, the star couple sent out personalized wedding invite with Mysore Pak packets to guests during their wedding from the same shop. (Image: Instagram/pet__aur___plate)


04/5Potato Chips and Hot Chips

Her tweet also mentioned about potato chips of Hot Chips and we guess, the shop needs no introduction. They are known for a wide variety of chips and have shops in different parts of the country.



We guess this brief of iconic Mysore Pak and Potato Chips is enough to tempt you all!If you are planning a trip to Chennai, do try the Mysore Pak and potato chips and let us know about your experience.


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