Quarantine Beauty Video: How to do a hair spa at home


Giving your hair a nourishing treatment will not only de-stress you but also treat dry and damaged hair. If you’re missing your salon visits and regular hair spas, then we’ve got the right kind of video for you. With some simple ingredients at home, you can actually do your own hair spa at home. We got in touch with Image and Wellness Coach, Garima Bhandari to show us how to do the seemingly impossible task at home. She recommends starting with a hot oil mixture made by blending the following oils:

1. Mythic oil

2. Coconut oil

3. Bringraj oil

4. Vitamin E capsules (optional)

This oil mixture can be applied after washing hair. After massaging with the oil, use a steamer cap or a hot-towel to nourish hair cuticles deeply.

After oiling, you can also indulge in a DIY hair pack, which can be made with simple ingredients: Curd, honey and aloe vera.

Once you have mixed the above ingredients, you can apply this mixture on the scalp and the hair ends for about 20 to 30 minutes.

Watch this video to know more:

How to do a Hair Spa at home

Whether your hair is frizzy or damaged, this nourishing pack will make your hair look smooth and silky in no time. Based on your hair type, you can change the ingredients of the hair pack and experiment with different packs.

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